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August 03, 2022

EV-Ultra® receives BASEC CAD045 Certificate

In October 2021, we received a Certificate of approved design from BASEC, for our revolutionary EV charging point cable, EV-Ultra®.

After extensive testing by the BASEC team, EV-Ultra® joins the large product range from Doncaster Cables that has received BASEC accreditation, including our Twin & Earth and Flexible range

Aaron Walstow from Doncaster Cables receives the certificate from BASEC

BS7671 states that where equipment is not covered by a British or Harmonised Standard the responsibility to ensure an adequate degree of safety rests with the installer and/or specifier.

Full third party accreditation from BASEC is an ideal solution to ensuring the product's specification meets necessary safety and performance requirements.

We are proud to offer this innovative cable, along with third party accreditation that allows installers to easily demonstrate its suitability without having to take on the personal responsibility of this decision.

BASEC Accreditation gives a guarantee that the cable in question is a safe and quality made item, which aligns with our core values of providing the best quality cables for the UK.

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