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November 01, 2013

We are Rebranding

'A new logo but the same highest quality products'

There has been considerable change throughout the Doncaster Cables business structure of recent times - and we thought that these changes could possibly be best highlighted to you by rebranding and introducing our new logo. However, the change in our logo has not altered the key characteristic of our business; our dedication to manufacturing the highest quality cables. This is one of the reasons why we still manufacture cables on-site in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Doncaster in the U.K.

2013 has been, and will continue to be an exciting year for Doncaster Cables. We have made the decision to further our position as an independent cable manufacturing company. We no longer only use one electrical wholesaling group to distribute our cables; but rather we have opened our doors for business to any electrical wholesaler throughout the UK and to international exporters throughout the world.

Our vocation at Doncaster Cables is to create superior value for you our customer by manufacturing and delivering world class cables with the latest technology; with the quality you expect, the service you require and the reliability you deserve.

We believe that this business strategy will further our position as the leading cable manufacturer in the UK and bring the benefits of our cables to a much wider audience.

Here at Doncaster Cables we have always put one aspect of our company, and our products before any other - QUALITY. We are renowned throughout the electrical industry for providing the best quality electrical cable. We think it is mutually beneficial that by now supplying to a larger customer base, with no exclusivity, the Doncaster Cables brand has the potential to be available to all contractors though local electrical wholesalers.

If you are an electrical wholesaler/international exporter you can find out how to create a Doncaster Cables Trade Credit Account by contacting our sales department.

Or if you are an electrical contractor/consultant you can now specifically request our cables through your local electrical wholesaler in the knowledge that our cable can be supplied to you.

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