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April 12, 2016

Doncaster Cables Company Video - How do we make cables?

Let's show you what goes into our cables!

We have just finished compiling our new company video.

The video should give you an overview of Doncaster Cables as a company, explaining our core principles of Quality, Safety, Reliability and Trust.

At Doncaster Cables we control every aspect of cable manufacturing, including drawing our own copper wire sizes and producing our own PVC compounds using sophisticated plant and equipment. The video guides you through these processes so you can follow the production of our cables from start to finish and see exactly what goes on behind the scenes.

The video includes the various production processes such as wire drawing, extrusion, lay-up, compounding and final winding as well as our stringent quality assurance testing such as conductor resistance, tensile strength, elongation and high voltage testing.

If any of our customers would like a copy of this video to upload on to their website, showpad, social media accounts etc. please contact us through the contact us page here.

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