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  • NYY-J
    PVC Sheathed & Insulated Multicore Cable



    • Plain Annealed Copper to BS EN 60228


    • PVC Insulation


    • Black PVC Sheath

    Min Operating Temperature

    • -15°

    Max Operating Temperature

    • 70°

    Min Bending Radius

    • 12 x Ø

    Core Colours

    • 2 Core: Brown, Blue

      3 Core: Brown, Blue, Green/Yellow

      4 Core: Brown, Green/Yellow, Black, Grey

      5 Core: Brown, Blue, Green/Yellow, Black, Grey

    Sheath Colours

    • Black

    Current Carrying Capacity

    • For current ratings refer to table 4D2A and 4D2B of BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations

    PVC Sheathed & Insulated Multicore Cable

    Product Code: NYY-J

    Product Description

    Manufactured to BS EN 60502-1

    Annealed Copper Conductor / PVC Insulated / PVC Bedding / PVC Sheath / 600/1000v

    These cables are widely used for power and control for fixed wiring installations with a voltage rating of 600/1000V.
    They can be safely deployed in most applications where mechanical stresses are not anticipated and are suitable for use indoors and outdoors.

    These black NYY cables have a UV-stabilised outersheath making them suitable for direct exposure to sunlight.

    Product Details

    Reference NumberNominal Cross Sectional Area of Conductor (mm²)Conductor Class to BS EN 60228Nominal Radial Thickness of Insulation (mm)Nominal Radial Thickness of SheathApproximate Overall Diameter (mm)Approximate Weight (kg/km)
    NYY3C1.51.5Class 10.81.811.0177
    NYY3C2.52.5Class 10.81.811.9221
    NYY3C4.04.0Class 11.01.813.7308
    NYY3C6.06.0Class 11.01.814.7387
    NYY3C1010.0Class 21.01.817.4569
    NYY3C1616.0Class 21.01.819.5777
    NYY4C1.51.5Class 10.81.812.0215
    NYY4C2.52.5Class 10.81.812.9270
    NYY4C4.04.0Class 11.01.814.9380
    NYY5C4.04.0Class 11.01.814.9380
    NYY5C6.06.0Class 11.01.817.3568
    NYY5C71010.0Class 21.01.820.6849
    NYY5C71616.0Class 21.01.822.41158

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