Doncaster CablesGeneral Wiring LSNH




    • Plain Annealed Copper Class 1 or 2 to BS EN 60228


    • Thermosetting XLPE Type GP8 to BS 7655-1.3


    • Thermoplastic LSNH Type LTS 3 to BS 7655-6.1

    Min Operating Temperature

    • -15°C

    Max Operating Temperature

    • 70°C

    Min Bending Radius

    • 6 x ∅

    Core Colours

    • 4 Core - Blue, Brown, Black and Grey
    • 3 Core - Brown, Black and Grey
    • 2 Core - Brown, Blue

    Sheath Colours

    • White

    Current Carrying Capacity

    • For current ratings refer to table 4D1 of BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations


    Product Code: MULTIUSE

    Product Description

    Manufactured to BS 8436 Table 1

    Plain Annealed Copper Conductors / XLPE Insulated / Tinned Copper Circuit
    Protective Conductor / Laminated Aluminium Tape Screen / Thermoplastic Low
    Smoke Non-Halogen (LSNH) Sheath. 300/500V

    These cables are intended for installation in air (which includes installation in trunking or other closed systems), and in thin partitions and building voids when connected to a suitably selected protective device . Providing that the design and installation is carried out in accordance with BS7671 the cable can also be installed in ductwork, behind plaster, indoors and outdoors (where suitably protected).

    Key benefits to using Multiuse cable are that it is quick to install, lightweight, flexible and pliable - all these features result in a pre-shielded cable which is easy to install and easily dressed.

    However, the main advantages of Multiuse cable can be found when being installed in floors, ceilings, thin walls and partitions.

    Multiuse can be used as a solution to meeting BS7671:2008 clauses 522.6.100 to 522.6.103 - which relate to concealed cables at a depth of less than 50mm.

    Mulituse cable is manufactured to BS8436 - which means that it is a protected fixed wiring cable. The protection is given by an aluminium tape which is adhered to the outer sheath of the cable. This cable design provides a fail safe when used in an electrical circuit that is penetrated by nails or other sharp metalic objects.

    Product Details

    Reference NumberConductorCPC Conductor Cross Sectional Area (mm2)Thickness of Insulation (mm)Thickness of Sheath (mm)Approximate Overall Diameter (mm)Weight (kg/km)
    Nominal Cross Sectional Area (mm2)Nominal Conductor Size (mm)
    HMU2C1.01.0 1/
    HMU2C1.51.5 7/0.531.
    HMU2C2.52.5 7/0.672.
    HMU2C4.04.0 7/0.854.
    HMU3C1.01.0 1/
    HMU3C1.51.5 7/0.531.
    HMU3C2.52.5 7/0.672.
    HMU3C4.04.0 7/0.854.
    HMU4C1.01.0 1/
    HMU4C1.51.5 7/0.531.
    HMU4C2.52.5 7/0.672.
    HMU4C4.04.0 7/0.854.

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