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  • H6243Y
    PVC Insulated, PVC Sheathed Cables with Circuit Protective Conductor



    • Plain Annealed Copper Class 1 or 2 to BS EN 60228


    • PVC Type TI1 to BS EN 50363-3


    • PVC Type 6 to BS7655-4.2

    Min Operating Temperature

    • -15°C

    Max Operating Temperature

    • 70°C

    Min Bending Radius

    • 6 x ∅

    Core Colours

    • Brown, Black, Grey

    Sheath Colours

    • Grey

    Current Carrying Capacity

    • For current ratings refer to table 4D5 of BS7671 IEE Wiring Regulations

    PVC Insulated, PVC Sheathed Cables with Circuit Protective Conductor

    Product Code: H6243Y

    Product Description

    Manufactured to BS 6004:2012 Table 4

    Plain Annealed Copper Conductor / PVC Insulated / PVC Sheathed with bare
    Circuit Protective Conductor. 300/500V.

    Designed for use in light industrial and domestic wiring. These cables are intended for fixed installation in dry or damp premises

    These cables can be instaled in conduit, in cable trunking and in cable ducting. Or where there is deemed little risk of mechanical damage there cables can be clipped direct, on cable tray, embedded or in free air. These cables are not intended to be laid underground.

    Product Details

    Reference NumberNumber and Nominal Cross Sectional Area of Conductors (mm2)Nominal Stranding of Conductor (mm)Nominal Stranding of CPC (mm)Nominal Radial Thickness of insulation (mm)Nominal Radial Thickness of Sheath (mm)Overall Diameter Lower Limit (mm)Overall Diameter Upper Limit (mm)Approximate Weight(kg/km)
    H6243Y3 x 1.01 / 1.131 / 1.13 (1.0mm2)0.60.9 4.0 x 9.6 4.7 x 11.091
    H6243Y3 x 1.51 / 1.381 / 1.13 (1.0mm2)0.70.9 4.4 x 10.5 5.4 x 12.5115
    H6243Y3 x 2.51 / 1.781 / 1.13 (1.0mm2)0.8 1.0 5.2 x 12.5 6.2 x 14.5170

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