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  • CW1128/98 TELEPHONE
    Telephone Cables to CW1128/98 Specification



    • Solid Copper Conductor


    • Cellular Polyethylene (CEL-PE)


    • Polyethylene (PE)

    Min Operating Temperature

    • 0°C

    Max Operating Temperature

    • 40°C

    Min Bending Radius

    • 10 x ∅

    Telephone Cables to CW1128/98 Specification

    Product Code: CW1128/98 TELEPHONE

    Product Description

    Manufactured to BT (British Telecom) Standard CW1128/1198.

    Solid Copper Conductor / Cellular Polyethylene Insulated / Petroleum Jelly Filled / Paper Taped / Polyethylene Bedded / Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) / Polyethylene Sheathed.

    These cables are designed and most commonly used for the interconnection of telecommunication equipment. However, electricians have also found that these cables are useful in other applications such as low level signalling and where the interconnection of control and communication equipment is required.

    These cables are suitable for installation in outdoor conditions where the mechanical protection of an armoured cable is required. The steel wire armouring makes the cables particularly well suited for direct burial as well as the cables being UV and moisture resistant.

    Product Details

    Reference NumberTC5P0.5CW1128/98TC10P0.5CW1128/98TC20P0.5CW1128/98
    Number of Pairs51020
    Nominal Diamater of Conductor (mm)
    Pair Configuration1 x 5 Pairs1 x 10 Pairs4 x 5 Pairs
    Pair IdentificationPair Identification: Tape Lapping Identification:
    1 Pr: White/Blue 6 Pr: Red/Blue 1 Unit: Blue 6 Units: White
    2 Pr: White/Orange 7 Pr: Red/Orange 2 Units: Orange 7 Units: Red
    3 Pr: White/Green 8 Pr: Red/Green 3 Units: Green 8 Units: Black
    4 Pr: White/Brown 9 Pr: Red/Brown 4 Units: Brown 9 Units: Yellow
    5 Pr: White/Grey 10 Pr: Red/Grey 5 Units: Grey 10 Units: Violet
    Max. Conductor Resistance (Ω/km)969696
    Min. Insulation Resistance (MΩ.km)150015001500
    Max. Mutual Capacitance (nF/km)646464
    Approximate Weight (kg/km)218259358

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