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  • 6192PVC
    Flat Twin Festoon Cable Arctic Grade PVC Insulated and Sheathed



    • Plain Annealed Copper Class 2 Stranded to BSEN60228


    • Low Temperature PVC Type TI4 to BS EN 50363-3


    • Low Temperature PVC Type 10 to BS 7655-4.2

    Min Operating Temperature

    • -40°C

    Max Operating Temperature

    • 70°C

    Min Bending Radius

    • 6 x ∅

    Core Colours

    • Brown and Blue

    Sheath Colours

    • Yellow or Black

    Flat Twin Festoon Cable Arctic Grade PVC Insulated and Sheathed

    Product Code: 6192PVC

    Product Description

    This cable is manufactured dimensionally to the last published version of BS6007 Table 2. BS6007 has since been withdrawn with no replacement for this cable type.

    Cu / PVC / PVC. 300/500V.

    Designed for use with festoon BC lamp holders. This cable allows the festoon lamp holders to be easily fixed along the length of the cable; allowing electricians to create bespoke festoon harnesses for lighting projects. Typically used in gardens, chicken sheds, signs, fascia's and the entertainment industries.

    It is advised that reassurance is gained from the lamp holder supplier/manufacturer that their festoon lamp holders are compatible with this type of cable.

    It is not advised that festoon cable be reused once the cable has been pierced.

    Product Details

    Reference NumberNominal Cross Sectional Area of Conductor (mm2)Nominal Stranding of Conductor (mm)Nominal Radial Thickness of insulation (mm)Nominal Radial Thickness of sheath (mm)Approx. Overall Diameter Lower Limit (mm)Approx. Overall Diameter Upper Limit (mm)Approx. Weight (kg/km)
    6192PVC2.52.57/0.670.81.15.4 x 8.86.8 x 11.0125

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